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Mujjo – Leather Case for iPhone 7 – Black

This case is crafted out of high-quality full-grain leather and manufactured with care. The case is equipped with Mujjo’s exclusive Moulded Edge Technology that toughens the edges of the case and enables it to withstand the wear and tear caused by friction against jeans pockets.It is made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather that acquires a beautiful patina with use.

Openings of the case expose the volume rockers, headphone-jack, and lighting connector; enabling users to listen to their favorite music and charge their iPhone 7 while the device is protected.

Manufactured with care, waxed to extend durability, and carefully treated with aniline oil to enrich ‘color tones’. Mujjo’s Vegetable-tanned leather wears in with every use and acquires a beautiful patina and polish over time.

These cases are contemporary and remarkably simple. The kind of products that don’t shout, ‘look at me,’ but rather calmly hint craftsmanship through their sleek lines, seductively understated appearance, and noticeable quality of the materials.


Out of stock