Oliver & Co – Santalum candle

Main notes: Sandalwood, rose petals, raspberry.

Oliver & Co candles are made with high quality raw materials. Both wax and fragrance are carefully blended with the intention to alter the scent of each single botanical ingredient in a particular way. The result of this handmade process makes long-lasting and clean burning candles. Each scent conveys a botanical stimulating atmosphere.

The graphic design is inspired by the angular and dynamic lines of the spaceships from sci-fi movies. Each candle jar has its own color shade in line with its fragrance.

The purpose of these graphics is to heighten the sensory appreciation of home and to provide a visual excitement within everyday life.

Burning time: 50-60 hours.

Includes protective case, wooden lid and note leaflet.

Weight: 225 gr. / 7.9oz.

Handmade in Spain.

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