Saal&Co – Hair and Body Wash

Made for a morning, post-workout or evening shower, the 011 Hair & Body Wash combines the needs of a man’s body as well as scalp and hair. The 011 provides effective cleansing with a refreshing, revitalizing sensation, making it a potent yet not aggressive companion for most men and skin types.  A rich formulation and premium, natural ingredients sooth as well as protect the skin whilst a subtle, elegant as well as fresh natural scent gently awaken the mind.

Main ingredients:

Macadamia nut oil provides a soothing effect for both hair and skin. A prompt absorption into the skin prevents a sense of heaviness and is ideal for man who appreciate brisk application.

Birch sap provides the skin with vitamins and valuable sugars, rejuvenating the skin whilst strengthening its ability for natural protection.

The wheat proteins condition the hair whilst preserving and improving the skin and its level of moisture.

How to use:

Apply gel to wet skin and hair, gently massaging it into a lather and rinse clean. If the gel goes into the eyes, immediately flush them with cool water.

100% Natural and natural derived ingredients

Containing pristine spring water from the Austrian Alps.

Certified natural (NATRUE) and vegan skincare (VEGAN SOCIETY).

250 ml.

Made in Austria.

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